Prestige Dentistry

A great addition to the high quality of service that we strive to offer. We make this part of every treatment plan that we present to our patients and continually have a high rate of acceptance. Our entire team believes in the value of Dental Warranty for our patients.

Dr. David Pielak
Prestige Dentistry

Dr. Ricardo Ochinang | Twin Mountain Dentistry

We’ve been with Dental Warranty for over 2 years and wish we had known about them even sooner. We have increased case acceptance and practice value, further setting us apart from other offices. This has also helped to encourage patients to make their scheduled hygiene visits and keep their accounts in good standing.

Dr. Ricardo Ochinang
Twin Mountain Dentistry

Dental Care of Corona - Dr. Patel

It’s given us and our patients more confidence. The human body doesn't have a guarantee so if things happen, it's usually beyond our control. This takes that out of the picture now.

We have seen an increase in our patient recall, and what surprised me the most about working with Dental Warranty is how easily patients accept it.

Dr. Rakesh Patel
Dental Care of Corona

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